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Hangzhou Sanlong New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Linjiang Industrial Park, Xiaoshan District. It is close to large sewage treatment plant and Zhejiang Hengyi High and New Materials Co., Ltd. The geographical position is superior and the traffic is very convenient. Linjiang Industrial Park is Zhejiang provincial industrial park. It is located in the northeast of Xiaoshan District. It is close to Qiantang river estuary in the east, Jiangdong Industrial Park in the northwest and Shaoxing Binhai Industrial Park in the south. The total planning area of the park is 74.31 

The company adopts our own independent research and development technology and advanced production equipment. We have innovation in the structure, compound design and control method of copolymer. We have formed complete own technology, and in the domestic leading level. The poly tetramethylene ether glycol production unit has been put into operation, whose annual production capacity is 20 thousand tons. The products is suitable for the production requirements of spandex fiber polyurethane elastic industries.

The molecular formula of PTMEG is HO[CH2CH2CH2CH2O]nH. This product can be used as the important raw material in the production of polyurethane (polyurethane fiber, polyurethane elastomer, synthetic leather, coating additive, binder and sealant), polyester and polyamide. The product is suitable for the production requirements of spandex fiber, polyurethane elastomer and other industries.